Engineering and Industrial Operations Specialists

With a culture based on innovation as a means to turn knowledge into value, Coinnde develops advanced engineering projects.

Our services

15 years of experience in Consulting and Engineering

COINNDE is an engineering company specializing in the design, execution and maintenance of industrial facilities for various sectors such as naval, chemical and industrial. We are committed to innovation, technology and process design.

Engineering Area

The engineering department includes the technical office and field engineering, with services from project design to industrial optimization.

Renewable Area

Our renewable energy area develops projects aimed at energy efficiency and savings through efficient installations.

Industrial Operations and Maintenance

Industrial projects, assemblies and adaptations of machinery. Boiler and light welding.

business areas

Renewable Energy

We are a partner of the programs of the Andalusian Energy Agency and Energy Services Company registered in IDAE.

Industrial Operations

Assembly of industrial installations, adaptation of machinery, modification and commissioning, boiler and light welding oriented to our projects.

Advanced services consultancy


R&D&i project management (own or client projects)